K-On! Night of Nights

May 4, 2009

Untan Untan Untan

Untan Untan Untan

What happens when you combine the madness of NicoNico Douga + K-On! and Night of Nights together?
Here’s the result, Night of Castanets!! (Night of Untan lol)

Awesome stuff lol, here’s some screencaps
Btw, the Mio part doing part-time on the fast food place really reminds me of someone, is it just me or does Mio looks like Kaguya Houraisan from Touhou? Here’s a sample picture of her ^^



Umm, I think that’s the wrong image there lol, here’s the one

Kaguya Houraisan

Kaguya Houraisan

The picture above doesn’t really resemble Mio, the ones that I found that resembled Mio was all ero-natured so I can’t possibly upload those here ^^;

Kaguya’s images and the first pic from Danbooru

EDIT : I just noticed that Sankaku Complex also has a similar article about this video and incidentally uses the very same header image, it’s purely coincidental ^^.


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